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Take care of your heart - GSVirdi

In an average lifetime, the human heart pumps around 53 million gallons of blood.

Isn't this science fact amazing????? But wait a minute, how does it matters if its 53 million gallons or 35 litres of blood pumped? Stop it friends, don't u feel that we had lived many years getting amazed by such numbers? At least I feel a bit repelled with such science talk where people just talk/listen and forget it the other minute.
We r not garbage collectors who keep collecting useless data in our heads and live similarly useless life. We r humans, extremly precious creation of god... Everybody talks about purpose of their life but nobody is seen serious about the life they already have. We seriously need to start appreciating every bit of life in us, we need to love every emotion, sensation and feelings.
Sadly now a days if u talk about love then the only thing People relate is: An affair/relation/attraction. I'm saying "Sadly"bcoz all of these three things are physical …

Humanity is not changeable like a cloth

The dna of all human beings is fruit from the same seed, just like the seed of a cloth is cotton.

Modern people are so much engulfed in their isolated lifestyle that they believe themselves to be very much different than other humans dwelling on this planet. Practically they have become so much incompatible with the society that these freedom lovers are not able to accept the thought of adjusting with people. They all call themselves as open minded modern mentality people but sadly they fail all tests of compatibility & good temperament in the society. According to them they all have their own happy worlds, but they all know that they are sad and lonely from inside. This human life is a reminder to all of us that the humanity inside us is our identity, its the symbol of our human existence. We may try to do our own things but the fact is that we can't change this humanity like we change our cloths. Cloths comes in various colors and sizes and we all do change them as pe…